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Sleep Deprived

I need more kids. At least then I'll feel justified in being tired and strapped for time every day. Hmm... 2 or 3 more ought to do. Actually make it 3 - then I can wear the "I have 5 kids" hat and no one will expect me to get anything done. Awesome!! Problem solved. That was easy.

I can just picture my poor Mom (who came and stayed with us and lived in the hospital with me for the birth of each child) as she's reading this thinking "she better be kidding!!! she better be kidding!!" Not that she doesn't love her grand children, but her daughter (notice I didn't say "me" directly) is not the most, um, un-crabby person after having been surgically invaded and hormonally possessed. Yes, c-sections really do bring out something other than the best in me.

But here I am, after yet another day of "I'll find time later" and "I'll get more sleep tonight", thinking that I wouldn't have it any other way (awww, isn't that niiiice). But it's true!!

That's it for now, as I'm too tired to write anything else, and it's way past my bedtime...

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