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Omega 3 Problem Solved!

...thanks to "Ironkids Gummies". They're like little ju-jubes, each one containing 50mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. My daughter LOVES them. I don't blame her - every time I open the bottle and smell them I want to devour a handful myself. They're like little tropical flavoured chewy candies. (Fyi - I found them at Superstore).

I'm a little skeptical because at least with the Smart Squirts (which my son still likes) you could taste the fish oil under the orange flavouring, whereas the Ironkids Gummies just taste like candy. Mind you, a friend of mine gives her daughter the gummies and notices a big difference in her behaviour (she's more focused, listens better, etc.) so I'm sure they deliver the Omega 3's that they claim.
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Bedtime Takes An Hour

At LEAST an hour, by the time we do snacks, teeth brushing and flossing, stories, pyjamas, and on and on. Is it me, or is that nuts?

It helps to know the time, though. I've been trying to move back their bedtimes in preparation for the impending arrival of the return to school (yes, I'm proactive about these things ;) and am mystified every time when I miss my mark. However when I think in terms of a full hour, it works. It seems odd to bring the kids in the house a full 60 minutes before head-on-pillow time, but that's just what it takes in our house.

What about you? How long is your kids' bedtime routine?

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Awwww... He Tried, At Least!!

Summer = time outside = dirty kid feet. My two have spent a lot of time lately on the bathroom counter with their feet in the sink, cleaning up a bit before they come inside to play.

Today they were outside riding their bikes, which meant they had shoes on. Shortly after we came inside, I noticed Lil' J walking around with bare feet, the bottom of his pant legs soaking wet (yes, he put long pants on. don't ask 'cause I have no answer for that one).

Me: "Buddy, why are your pant legs wet?"

J: "It's from da water."

Me: "Um... what water?"

J: "From when I washed my feet."

Aw, what a big boy he is. (Too bad his feet were in shoes and didn't need to be washed ;)

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