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DHA And Mom's Persistence

Ahhh!! The "monkey see monkey do" phenomenom worked for me today with the DHA and Lil' J.

I was taking a gel cap myself, and he wanted it. He wanted the adult sized, must swallow whole if you don't want to chew on fish oil, capsule. He insisted he could swallow it. He begged me for one! Hmmm. I actually briefly contemplated letting him have it but reconsidered, since it's been awhile since my husband and I took that parents' first aid course that covered, among other things, choking rescue.

Must take refresher course.

Anyway, I remembered the orange flavoured Smart Squirts that I had in the cupboard, and opened the bottle to take a look. Hmmm. NOPE, you're not swallowing that either.

"Here, Bud, chew on it, ok? It's yummy!"

He did it. I mean he actually chewed the whole thing and swallowed it, and asked for another one! (The first time he tried them he didn't like them AT ALL).

I promised him another one after dinner. Fingers crossed that he keeps liking them...
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Magic Age

THIS is why you have more than one child. Right now, I'm finally seeing it.

I had this (and other reasons too) in mind back when we were trying for our second pregnancy, but now it's coming to fruition. Finally (just when I thought it was never gonna happen!!!), my two kids play nicely together more often than they fight with each other.

They have fun together, help each other, co-operate, you name it - all those things I've dreamt of but never really seen until now!!! Yippee!! (See? It wasn't all just wishful thinking!). My readers with younger kids who haven't reached this blissful time can take heart in knowing that it is, in fact, coming!

As I conclude this post, they are yet again giggling together, this time because one of them made a "play do booger!!". Hey, as long as no one eats it, we're good...
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