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My daughter (you know, the Type A one) dawdles. Really dawdles. She could make a sneeze slow.

It's so bad that her teachers made reference to it on her report card, and she's in Kindergarten where (in theory) they can do no wrong. She told me one day that her teacher made her miss playtime because she took too long doing her work. (Secretly I was glad that her teacher did something about it.) Every school morning I feel like a Drill Sargent in my efforts to get her to class on time.

Then one day... I remembered the Type A thing. You know, the win at all costs, beat the timer mentality. Ha! The timer!

If I tell her to hurry up getting dressed, it takes about twenty minutes. Not sure what she`s doing, other than it involves a lot of talking to herself and mulling over which socks to wear.

However if I set the timer for, say, five to seven minutes, she beats it every time (and looks pretty pleased with herself). I don`t have to nag, and she feels like she`s won.

Works for me :-)

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