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Kids and Cavities

This is SO important:

"Avoid giving sticky food like raisins, honey, caramel, syrups, and molasses to children. Otherwise, insist on your children brushing their teeth immediately after eating such foods"

My husband's co-worker's 6 year old daughter has EIGHT cavities - all from eating those sticky fruit snacks - you know the ones that are in a strip that come rolled up (am I allowed to say the name if I'm going to tell people not to buy them?? ;-)

This girl's dentist specifically told her parents not to buy these fruit snacks. The problem is that anything that sticky stays in the spaces between the teeth, where many cavities can start. I suppose she would have been ok if she had brushed and flossed after every roll-up, but what 6 year old is going to submit to that? Hmmm... maybe she would have if they bribed her with ice cream? (Hey, think of all the calcium!)

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