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Adding pureed veggies to kids food is not a new concept, but what I like about Jessica Seinfeld's approach is the way she has incorporated it into her weekly routine.

She sets aside one night a week to steam and puree veggies, and then stores them in her fridge for the week, using them as she needs them. This method never occurred to me; ideally the fresher the puree the more nutritious, but puree that's been in the fridge a couple of days is better than none. Frankly, steaming and pureeing with every meal was too much for me (call me a wimp - I don't mind ;-)

I struggle with my two kids (although my daughter has recently decided she likes broccoli - I'm still waiting for "the catch" on that one). I have in the past added things like wheat germ to porridge and pancakes, but was running short of ideas. Then I saw the Oprah episode that featured Jessica Seinfeld and her approach to infusing nutrients into food that kids will actually eat, and I am newly inspired to try again with my own.

Wish me luck... lol!!


LadyBanana said...

I remember those days, trying my hardest to get my kids to eat more veggies - wasn't always easy, but they grew up OK

Jeanne said...

Good to know :-) Isn't it amazing how they grow anyway, even when they turn their noses up at everything healthy!! I have my first "trick" planned for tonight: I'm going to mix some steamed caulifower into their mashed potatoes... heh heh, wish me luck ;-)

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