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Unique (Sounds Better Than Nuts)

Lil' J is about to climb on the Smart Cycle (have I mentioned how much I love that thing?)

"Mommy, why are dere handles and a seat dere?"

(really??? you're 4 1/2)

Me: "Um, well, the handles are for your hands and the seat is where you sit."
Lil J: "Oh. What are the pedals for?"
Me (biting the inside of my cheek): "That's where your feet go."
Lil J: "Oh. Fanks!!!"

Climbs aboard, starts pedalling.

Now, I'm pretty sure he was either a) asking me something else altogether that he doesn't yet have the means to express, b) asking just to see what I'd say, or c) playing around.

I may never know, but in the meantime being around to hear the nuggets that come out of his mouth is one of the biggest perks of being a stay at home Mom :-)
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