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Sell 'em on E-bay!!

HA so there - I'm not the only parent who jokes about selling my kids on E-bay.... I keep telling them they better smarten up because, hey - I have a seller account and some pretty darn cute pictures. Plus now that Mr. Stinkey is finally potty trained day and night, it's a much easier sell.

Of course I've never gone as far as the German couple in the CNN article did - placing an actual ad. I reserve my lapses in good judgement for more benign things, like letting my son run free in the store (and may I take this opportunity to yet again apologize to Wal-Mart and their customers). My sell-my-kids-on-eBay endeavours at this point remain nothing more than dreams oops I mean "parental motivational tools" (yeah, that's it...) !!

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