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Tears and Tantrums

Power struggles are fun. You get to see which kid has the best alligator tears, who drives the hardest bargain, and who is the most creative manipulator (ah yes, life skills).

A fellow kindergarten Mom was commenting on how sweet my daughter is, and how she's never seen her act up, get upset or yell. I nearly bit a hole through my cheek trying not to laugh out loud. Oh my! Spend a day in our house and you see another side to Alyssa. I don't know whether to be proud that she has backbone, or worried that she lacks tact. What the heck, she's only five. I should be happy she can tie her own shoes.

Joseph is the best fake-tear monster in the house these days. It takes everything I have not to laugh (I'm trying to keep in touch with what good parenting is supposed to be). It may be because it's a newly acquired skill that I find it so endearing and amusing. I've finally figured out how to make it stop, once I've had my fill of soaking up his cuteness:

"Aw, Mister, are you sad? Will you cry some more for me?"

"NO! I all done cry-ning!"

"Pleeeeease... cry for Mommy. Cry like you're in the movies!"

"NO! No more cry-ning!!! I all DONE!"

And that's it, that is until Alyssa strikes again...

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