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Still Hanging

Actually it's a bottom front tooth, so technically it's not hanging. It's still firmly rooted in her little mouth, blocking entry to anything healthy that needs chewing.

I was lucky to get apple in her today - I sliced it into thin wedges, gave her some caramel dip, and showed her how to shove it in her mouth from the side (and told her it was OK to get caramel on her cheek). The sliced carrots would have been as easy to eat but apparently the lack of caramel dip for them was too much for her tooth to bear. At least the avocado slices were soft.

For breakfast she and her brother had peanut butter and banana (banana slices with dabs of PB on them), which made it past the tooth OK. The afternoon snack of ice cream went over well, although she didn't eat the cone, even though it was pink! (So maybe she IS telling the truth about her tooth hurting ;-)

We'll see how tomorrow goes. Refresh my memory, anyone - how long do these loose teeth take to fall out? At least she spends a lot of time wiggling it - showing people, checking it, scaring her brother (kidding, but I'm sure she wishes it did). I don't know why it's such an inconvenience to me - she's almost always been a picky eater. At least now, though, she has some kind of excuse...

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