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Loose Tooth

My daughter said to me this morning: "Look, Mommy! Look!"

Her finger was madly wiggling one of her front bottom teeth back and forth. "What if I swallow it?"

Wow! She has been listening to my paranoid rants about choking. Now of course I'm at a loss for words (it was bound to happen).

"Uh, um, I don't thing you will. Not today, anyway. It's not loose enough."

We ended up late for school because of the lengthy debate as to the appropriate method of brushing a newly loose tooth. Try as I might to get her to just brush the darn thing, she had a million things to say about it. I won't detail them here. I'm not sure how much storage space Blogger gives us.

Now my next task is to brush up on Tooth Fairy protocol. I've heard that these days payment can range from $2-$5 per tooth! Yikes. Sometimes progress is not good. There was no Internet or blogs when I lost my baby teeth, but then it only cost my parents a quarter. At least I think... maybe it was a dime. Hmmm. My really really blonde hairs are showing.

Speaking of teeth, I can hear my son starting to brush his, which is never a neat endeavour without adult supervision. 'Bye for now...

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