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Don't Ya Just Love It When...

So I'm singing "Deck The Halls" (yes I know it's February 24Th) and Alyssa says to me:

"Hey, how do you know that song!!"

Aw, aren't you the cutest thing.

Just like the time you came home from school and told me about Remembrance Day, like it was something brand new from this year. Never before heard of, must tell Mommy. Or the time you informed me what the school library was for (just in case I didn't know).

It kind of reminds me of that moment in my childhood when it dawned on me that my parents had lives before I was born ("woah!!! holy cow..."), that I was indeed not the entire universe, and the things that I was learning about weren't brand new to everyone else as well.

Now I get to relive those moments through my kids :)

Gotta love it!

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