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Tough Love

When Alyssa started Kindergarten last year, I had to walk into the school with her and take her all the way to the classroom (there was no crowbar handy to pry her from my leg). Luckily my hubby was there (he took the day off) to stay with then three year old Joseph and the stroller, which I hurriedly left in a mad panic to keep up with the the class as they disappeared into the school.

The next day she was fine.

This year, same thing. On the first day (yesterday), I had to drag her into the school. Again hubby had taken the day off (thank goodness) and stayed with Joseph in the playground, while I walked with the kids up to the class, into the class, and peeled Alyssa off my hip and plunked her into her big girl desk. Then I ran like mad (OK not quite, but you get the picture ;-)

The next day, she seemed fine. At the last second though, as the line was filing into the school, she turned to me with a panicked look on her face, and cried "Mommy!"

Since it was just me and the boy (hubby was at work this time) I had no choice but to stand my ground.

"I can't!! I have Joseph with me - I can't come in. Just GO!"

This of course flies right in the face of every nurturing motherly instinct that I have. Here I was, shunning my poor child, in her moment of need!

She was fine of course. She went, she conquered, and came out smiling five hours later. That's my girl ;-)

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