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Yet Another Use For Duct Tape

Curing warts!!! Oh my goodness I had no idea.

My daughter has a big one on her foot. At first I thought it was a blister... I even tried to lance it (poor kid) with the aid of some hydrogen peroxide and a very clean needle, but in spite of the fact that it appeared to have a symmetrical fluid filled centre, nothing drained. Confused and annoyed, I took her to our Doc, who told me that duct tape would more than likely do the trick.

Reeeally??? Ohhhhkay.

Then a friend and fellow Mom said "oh yeah, uh huh" when I mentioned it to her, like it was something that everyone and anyone had heard of. In my defense my husband was just as out of the loop as I was.

The nice thing, is that after the attempted lancing episode, Alyssa was thrilled with the tape idea. She even started talking about drawing pictures on it, and cutting it into fun shapes. (Apparently she's never tried to cut duct tape). Still, the creative art instructor child was far preferable to the screaming thrashing kicking one, so I tried for a heart shape wart cover. No such luck - the tape won as the scissors struggled, so she ended up with the basic stock rectangle model.

The net result is that she's tucked into bed, sound asleep, with the tape on her foot. She has swimming lessons tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully duct tape sticks to child heels as well as it does to scissor blades...

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