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June is nuts.

I'm referring to the month, not some poor crazy girl unlucky enough to be under my scrutiny. I'm talking about that month in which school ends, my husband and son were both born, and Father's Day is celebrated.

That may not sound like much to some people, but I don't do birthdays well. I tend to stress unnecessarily about them. My husband's will be easy because we won't do anything, but my son's will be this gigantic backyard barbeque bash that I'll worry and fret over, that will turn out just fine as it always does, and yet I'll worry and fret as I always do.

Father's Day will be frantic last minute calling on my part (I'm never organized enough to send cards) to my Dad, Father In Law, and Step Dad. Then there'll be some kind of present for my husband from the kids.

Then there's school. My daughter finishes Kindergarten this June. Even reading the last month's schedule makes me well up - never mind making it all happen.

"Grade 7 graduation - Kindergarten students will accompany the Grade 7 grads down the aisle in the ceremony". You're kidding me... pass the tissues now, and stock me up for later.

"Next year's Kindergarten students visit" in, the little guys starting in the fall get to come and see my big girl as she's finishing her first year. I remember her being the "newbie starting in the fall" and I think I must have blinked or something (where's the darn tissue already!!).

"Last full day of school - final report cards will be given out today". What do you mean last day??? She has to say goodbye (never mind her - I have to say goodbye??).

Aw geez. I just don't think I have the stomach for this. Bring back the poopy diapers... that I can handle.

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