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How Big Is He

Me: "Buuuddy!!! Hey Mister!!!"

The Boy: "What?"

Me again: "Whatchya doin'?"




This is never a good sign, and requires immediate investigation. In this case, he had a spray bottle (filled with water) and was "washing" things. I can only hope he has the same interests when he's old enough to know what's actually dirty.

Speaking of mess, this morning I was washing the latest off his hands (finger paint) and it occurred to me that he could reach the stream of water without standing on his toes. When did that happen?

He finally outweighs his sister, which did not go over well because she's been desperate to move into a booster seat since Kindergarten began in September. She now weighs 37 1/2 pounds, and he's at 39.

("I'll always be older than him, though, right Mommy?")

I can't believe that in just 60 days he'll be four. FOUR!

Aw, now he's turned on the water to the bathtub... that's never good either. Gotta run!!

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