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Prep For The Big K

I know it's only April, but I'm a big believer in being proactive when it comes to my kids' education.

Big sister A is happy and thriving in French Immersion, and Lil' J is signed up to start in September. In an effort to get him prepped and keep up with the English side of things at home, I'm creating simple puzzles and exercises for him to do.

These days there are so many wonderful published resources out there (work books - we have a whole shelf full :) and web sites galore, but once in awhile there's a gap that a parent can fill with a home made tool.

Word searches are a big hit with Alyssa, but for J, I can't find any that are simple enough. Any easy solution is to simply make my own.

Below is the first one I created (in jpeg format, so if you like it you can "right click save as" to your computer). My goal with this one was to have a small number of simple words, all left to right, horizontally, like they would be if they were read in a book. I added the "name" line at the top because J likes to write his name. We'll work at this level until he's comfortable finding them all, and then we'll move on to diagonal and vertical words...

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KyaHikaru said...

it might amaze you but in some schools they have 3rd graders doing that kid of work.

Debbie said...

You are organized and on the ball. I just sent mine to school knowing next to nothing:)

Jeanne Elle said...

Debbie - thanks :) I honestly think the school system is worse now, though. The fact that they don't fail kids in elementary school anymore makes me wonder how on earth they get prepared for high school & university.

KyaHikaru - Isn't it amazing the difference in levels that kids start (and end!) school with! The inconsistency with the curriculums from school to school are a little scary as well. It really pays to be proactive and fill in the gaps yourself, because you can't really count on anyone else to.

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