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My 4 year old: "What did you say punk?" (accompanied by giggles and smiles, with his world famous cutest ever dimples).

Me: "Where on earth did you hear that?"

DS: "Spongebob!!"

I suppose it could be worse. He was saying the F word a few weeks ago. That wasn't cool.

But this "punk" thing... is it wrong of me to think it's cute? I swear I have a wound on the inside of my cheek from biting it, trying my best not to smile or laugh. Oh my FREAKIN' GOODNESS he's just the cutest thing that ever existed.

Should I stop him from saying it? Is "punk" a bad word for a four year old to say? (Is it any worse than him wanting to play "real" boxing after playing it on Wii? Oops ;)

Am I the only mother who is lost some times? And why on earth don't kids come with manuals, anyway!! Sheesh...
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Jaina said...

As long as he only says it in appropriate situations. Lol, reminds me of the videos on YouTube with Will Ferrel and his daughter. They're completely outrageous, but hilarious at the same time.

Jeanne Elle said...

OMG he was saying it today when they had a friend over for a playdate. Hopefully this boy doesn't go home saying it now!!! Yeesh...

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