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Stupid Toys For Kids

I don't usually complain, and I try and see the educational upside to everything, but sometimes....


J has a toy tool bench that came with a hammer, which understandably I hid for awhile. Today I came across it and gave it to him, to see where he's at with that sort of thing.

He immediately started to hammer the wall. Since he had lost another hard plastic toy for several days because he had chipped the wall paint, I quickly put a stop to this new experiment.

"No buddy, NOT the wall. Only soft things, like the carpet."

He started hammering the carpet, and I told him that was fine. Then BANG BANG BANG his hammer found the kitchen lino.

"Noooo!!!! Only SOFT things. The kitchen floor isn't soft, ok? Just SOFT things like the carpet or the couch."

He then went over to the dog, and I caught him just in the nick of time.

"NOOO!! Buddy, come on. We love puppy, and yes he is soft, but we don't want to hurt him!!"

He nodded, and stood and pondered this for a few minutes. He then wandered into the living room, and called me:

"Mama, is the TV soft?"

Needless to say, the hammer has been taken away again.
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LadyBanana said...

Ohhh that brings back some memories of a hammer toy my kids had a long time ago which was duly hidden away as well!

wwgrant1 said...

Jeanne -- Our kids (both now in their fifties) enjoyed playing with their hammers and repeatedly banging the wooden pegs through the holes and back again. We even had TVs dogs and walls back then that they could have chosen to bang on. Something is missing here, I think.


JEANNE said...


My solution (I've decided) is to leave it in the backyard - outside only toy! He can hammer the grass to his heart's content :-)

Jaina said...

Oh dear, at least he asked before he hit the tv.

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