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Getting My Kids To Eat

I've figured out the secret (for my son, anyway). Brace yourself, 'cause it's not, um, palatable...

Add Ketchup!!!

To anything... I just add a squirt on the side of his plate and he dips, or mixes, or whatever. Somehow it ends up in his stomach. I'm amazed his poo isn't tomato coloured.

Tonight, for instance, I served him a plate of pork roast (slow cooked with rosemary, salt and pepper... mmmm!!), with roast potatoes (cooked in the drippings... mmmm!!!) and gravy, and he wanted no part of it. He wanted me to "make the gravy into ketchup".

Ohhhh kay.

I made another plate without gravy, squirted some ketchup on the side, and "mustard too, please Mama", and now he's eating it.

Whatever works!!
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LadyBanana said...

One of my daughters who is now 20 still has ketchup on just about everything!

Jaina said...

I don't like ketchup, but I know a lot of people who put it on EVERYTHING. Ranch worked well with my brothers. One of my brothers dips things in apple sauce. I'm not sure if he actually likes it or if he just enjoys freaking me out. (his favorite sides for apple sauce are grilled cheese and macaroni)

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