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Awwww... He Tried, At Least!!

Summer = time outside = dirty kid feet. My two have spent a lot of time lately on the bathroom counter with their feet in the sink, cleaning up a bit before they come inside to play.

Today they were outside riding their bikes, which meant they had shoes on. Shortly after we came inside, I noticed Lil' J walking around with bare feet, the bottom of his pant legs soaking wet (yes, he put long pants on. don't ask 'cause I have no answer for that one).

Me: "Buddy, why are your pant legs wet?"

J: "It's from da water."

Me: "Um... what water?"

J: "From when I washed my feet."

Aw, what a big boy he is. (Too bad his feet were in shoes and didn't need to be washed ;)

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Amber said...

It's the thought that counts, right? :)

Jeanne Elle said...

Exactly!! (awww... there's hope for him yet ;)

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