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My DHA Triumph

Back to the fish oil, and my thus far failed attempts to get it in my kids. Neither one of them are fond of Smart Squirts - the chewable orange flavoured gel caps made especially for kids. Nope, not my kids.

I came up with somewhat of a solution yesterday, if you can live with the idea of orange flavoured powdered Gatorade. My husband buys it for drinks for his lunches at work. I had said no to a trip to 7 Eleven for a Slurpee, and he suggested I make homemade Slurpees with "that Gatorade powder and some ice".


Um, OR... (here's a thought) I could use real orange juice!!! (But where's the fun in that?) Sure enough, my two started jumping up and down, excitedly chanting "Gatorade! Gatorade!". Oh for Pete's sake. I'm stuck now, or I'm the Mom who ALWAYS SAYS NO.

But wait... The Smart Squirts!!! I could add some of those. They'll either drink up the DHA with the Gatorade, or they'll think Gatorade tastes fishy and won't ask for it anymore.

(heh heh)

So I whipped out the Magic Bullet and went to work. Some Gatorade powder, fish oil, water, real orange juice, frozen cranberries, mango, and ice later, I had an orange flavoured slushy concoction that I could live with.

Guess what...

They drank it!!

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Bex said...

Nice! I, too, am a sneaky mom! Woo! Sneaky moms unite! M goes for gummies, though, so I give him IronKid gummies with Omega 3's. You can get them at London Drugs.

Amber said...

And Mom pulls off the win!

Those slushies actually sound pretty good, even with the fish oil.

Jaina said...

Score one for Mom!!! What a great idea! With all those other great flavors mixed in there is no way they'd notice the fish oil ;)

Jeanne Elle said...

I'm hoping as the weather gets warmer they'll want more. Maybe we can even make the slushies a daily thing, and I can gradually ease up on the Gatorade powder and replace it with real fruit... hmmm!! The wheels are turning ;)

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