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Ahhh... One Of The Things I've Been Waiting For :)

At the moment, my six year old is reading to my five year old. My son's relentless queries of "What does that spell? What does that spell?" are being answered by his sister, while I sit in (relative ;) peace and type this.

They're even laughing together! Reading and laughing, and having fun. (Is there a full moon?). Oh my goodness... A just told J to go get another book to read!

w00000000t !!!! (happy mommy dance).

Off to start dinner... post ya later :)
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Amber said...

This is a day I look forward to with great longing. Sounds fabulous! :)

Jeanne Elle said...

It's heavenly!! I'm thinking now maybe I'll make some kind of a deal with Alyssa where she reads one of Joseph's bedtime stories every night (he gets two). She already reads him a story in French, but if she also read him a story in English on a regular basis, it'll reinforce the reading thing even more (have to capitalize on the sibling hero worship while they're still young ;)

Jaina said...

How must be LOVING the getting along-ness. :)

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