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Sleeping In A Car Seat

I'm shaking my head after having just watched a segment on Canada AM about a Health Canada warning, urging parents to not let their infants sleep in car seats. Tragically a couple of babies have died this way.

I shake my head because while they refer to sleeping on their backs in cribs as being the safest, on the news segment they showed a sleeping infant with a head band on (strangulation) in a crib lined with thick soft bumper pads (suffocation).


While I agree that babies should not be unattended for any length of time in a car seat, in my opinion letting baby sleep in a car seat that's sitting at your feet while you have coffee with friends (so you can watch baby as you visit), is safer than putting an infant to bed for the night with a hair band on.

C'mon now.

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Amber said...


And the carseat naps were the best, don't take those away from us. When my son recently outgrew his baby bucket I was so sad, for just that reason. No more carseat naps. :(

Jeanne Elle said...

I loved the carseat naps too :)

I think the real issue is proper supervision and common sense, and the carseat happens to be the latest scapegoat...

Debbie said...

Mine are so far out of car seats but I used to let them stay in them and sleep all the time. Especially if they had stuffy noses!

Jeanne Elle said...

They're great for stuffy noses! My now 6 yr old had a cold when she was 2 1/2 months old, and the only way that she was comfortable was in the carseat. She fussed and fussed until I buckled her in, and then she was able to finally sleep and get the rest she needed. Mind you, I checked on her frequently.

I don't know what happened with the babies that died - maybe the straps were not done correctly, or maybe they had previously undiagnosed medical issues? Who knows.

Jaina said...

What's wrong with car seats? Sheesh, driving me around in the car was one of the only ways they could get me to fall asleep when I was little.

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