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Cutting Myself Some Slack

I try not to judge other parents too harshly (like I did before I had kids, lol) but sometimes you see something that makes you feel a bit better about your own parenting.

I'm certainly flawed myself. I don't think I spend enough time playing with my kids, and I go through phases where I kind of give up fighting to get veggies in them (although the "give up" phases usually don't last too long, thank goodness). I raise my voice too often, and I don't listen enough. (This could be a post about parenting New Year's resolutions, ha ha.)

I was at a house party recently with a lot of kids. The average age I'd say was 7 or 8, but they ranged anywhere from 10 right down to little Angie (fake name, btw, to protect privacy), who was a year and a half. Her mom is a sweet lady - easy to talk to and lots of fun. She loves both her kids dearly (she has an older daughter as well who is 6). This goes without saying of course but I had to throw that in there in her defense.

At the party she wasn't watching Angie all that closely, and Angie was by far the youngest and smallest kid there. I have been called over protective many times (I'm a helicopter mom - I can admit it ;) but I think many moms would agree that letting an 18 month old crawl around underfoot with a bunch of rambunctious, running, falling and dog-piling big kids is a potentially risky situation.

Nothing happened of course, and Angie left safely in her mom's arms. Still, it made me realize that none of us are perfect parents, and close supervision in a busy social situation isn't something Angie's mom is good at, just like sitting on the floor doing a puzzle for the tenth time isn't something I'm good at.

So there! I hereby, if only for today, officially cut myself some slack :)
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crunchy said...

it isn't bad parenting to let the kid is a choice.

Some people are more into the rough and tumble than others...

Again..our parenting is all based on our own upbringings and what our own boundaries are...that is why judgement is really impossible...for the most part.

So yeah..we need to cut each other and ourselves slack!

LadyBanana said...

Now my kids are all in their 20's I sometimes look back and wondered if I did the right things - they seem ok so I must have to some extent.

Jeanne Elle said...

I think as long as we try our best, they all make it through ok. There is no perfect parent out there, that's for sure. We just have to embrace what we do well, forgive ourselves for what we may not, and move on :)

Jaina said...

You deserve some slack ;) Enjoy it :)

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