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Gum In The Carpet

This is a drawback to vacuuming - you find these things. This one could have been much worse. At least it was white gum (on a grey carpet). I can even pretend I didn't see it for a day or two ;)

I know you "anti-gum" parents (and the pro-carpet ones, too ;) are probably shaking your heads at me. That's ok, I don't mind. I have a clear conscience because it wasn't me who started the whole gum thing - it was their Grandfather. What can I do? Now before you say "get him to clean your carpet", allow me to point out that he already cuts our grass and paints our house, to name a couple of the many many many ways he helps out. What's a little gum between grass cuttings.

Besides, it's sugarless, and it stops them from bugging me for sugary snacks. They get their flavour fix without spoiling dinner. (Fyi their last dental check ups were perfect - no cavities). Lil J has not repeated the gum in the hair episode, so I think we're safe there.

All I have to do now is get it out of the carpet...
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Amber said...

I don't give my kid gum because she swallows it. Otherwise I would be all over it. I hope you're able to get it out without too much effort.

Jeanne Elle said...

J did too the first time we gave him a piece (after seeing his sister chew it for months and begging for his own piece). We explained carefully that it wasn't food and he wasn't allowed to swallow it but he still did.

So we waited for about 3 months and let him try again. Once again he got the big don't swallow lecture, and he insisted he understood. He proudly chewed on his piece for about a minute, and just when we thought he really understood, GULP, down it went!

A few month later, we let him try yet again, and this time he finally got it right. Too cute.

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