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Back To School!!!

Alyssa said to me last night: "Mommy tomorrow I'm going to get up super early and get dressed right away!!!"

I think she might be excited ;-)

Lil J doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but I know once we get to his preschool he'll be happy. My biggest challenge today is getting them there in this, um, weather.

Speaking of which, my timer is ringing - time to wake them up.

Have a great day, everyone!
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Sarah said...

Hi, I was led here by Love the post. My daughters were also so happy to go back to school today. ( I have 4 of them) :D I was inspired by your post to write my own at my site. :) Have a good week.

JEANNE said...

Hi Sarah!

I visited your blog (it's awesome!) & tried leaving a comment, so hopefully you get it.

Thanks for visiting mine, and for the link :-)

Jaina said...

Best of luck!

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