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Try Bingo To Help Reading Skills

Here's an idea for a custom Bingo game that reinforces early reading skills:


  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen

To make:

  • Use two (or more) sheets of card stock as your Bingo cards.
  • On these cards, draw a grid of squares (4x4 or 5x5 works well).
  • In each square, write simple words that you think your child will be able to read.
  • Cut more card stock into small squares that will fit in the squares drawn on the cards (these are your Bingo chips).
  • Copy the words that are on the cards onto the chips as well, making sure that there are the same number of word chips as there are cards (so each player has the same word chips).
  • Make an extra set of word chips - these are your "caller" cards.

To Play:

Turn a caller card over to reveal a word. Each player finds their matching word card and places it on its spot on their Bingo card. The first player to make a line wins.

My daughter and I play this all the time, and her four year old brother plays as well. He is actually able to match up the words based on the letters they contain, even though he can't yet read them all (he can sound out some simple three letter words). Because this reading practice is presented in the form of a Bingo game, they have fun without realizing they're "doing homework" ;-)

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Stanley! said...

That's really smart!

I hadn't thought of that before, but it really sounds like a cheap, fun way to encourage my son to read when he gets a little older.

JEANNE said...

Both my kids love it, and it sure beats "homework". I find that if they're having fun, there's very few limits as to what they can do :-)

Jaina said...

That's way more fun that homework. Such a great idea!

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