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My Son Is Nuts

OK not really. But at the age of 4 1/2, he can use a nutcracker as well as an adult.


"Boy" strength showing up early, I guess. I think part of it might be that he applies all of his wee brute strength with no regard to where the pieces fly, whereas when I crack a nut I try to be tidy and hold back a bit.

The end result is that lately he's been eating lots and lots and lots of nuts, which leaves him open to the inevitable comments of "hey, you are what you eat, you know!".

On the plus side, nuts are pretty darn good for you, and while I've been munching on my secret stash of leftover chocolate covered almonds, he's been eating them sans-crap, right out of the shell.

Mommy approved!!
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Brandy said...

Sounds an awful lot like my 2 year old, I think boys just love using those muscles early! Yes nuts are good, so at least he is munching on those not little debbie snacks! Great post btw!!

LadyBanana said...

I usually have such a problem with cracking nuts I bought mine ready shelled this time..

JEANNE said...

Brandy - I'd never heard of little debbie snacks so I just did a quick google - lol, yup, nuts are better for you, that's for sure (although the LDS look yummy!!)

LadyBanana - me too - DH usually buys a big bag of shelled almonds or peanuts - it's only at Christmas that he buys the nuts in the shell. Mind you we might be doing that more now, seeing as how the little mister loves cracking them so much.

Sugar said...

Glad I'm not the only one that calls her kids nuts! ;)

Thanks for visiting and commenting on those Mean Girls.


Jaina said...

Good protein, right?

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