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Bratz Dolls Will No Longer Be Sold In 2009

Have you heard? This was news to me but here's a link from a CNN site:

Apparently Barbie and Bratz (or the makers of ;-) have been in a legal dispute and the Barbie side has won. After the current holiday season, Bratz dolls will be pulled from store shelves and no longer available for sale.

LOL If you were a collector/investor, wouldn't now be a good time to stock up?

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LadyBanana said...

I quite like some of the Bratz, I don't have any but I thought that myself, they may be become collectors items!

JEANNE said...

LOL I know, I want to go and buy some... they'd only be worth money down the road if they were still in their packaging and not played with though, so I'd have to buy extras and hide them ;-)

Jaina said...

Thank goodness! I thought the Bratz dolls were kind of slutty and not at all appropriate for little girls. I know Barbie has her own issues...but Bratz are awful. I didn't know there was a lawsuit...I'll have to go read it.

JEANNE said...

I know... there are a bunch of Moms I know who hate them. I've just gotten used to them (how scary is that) but I remember thinking they were inappropriate when I first saw them.

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