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Toy Packaging Woes


I'd like to, um, find and give my two cents to the person who came up with those little metal twisty things that hold toys captive in their plastic and carboard packaging. C'mon. Quit spoiling their fun. How are they supposed to have their "middle of the night in the deserted store toy parties" when they're tied down like that?

Then there's those little bitty need a microscope to see 'em elastics (not that my eyes have sustained laptop damage or anything). If the metal twisties and elastics aren't bad enough, to add more stupidity to the mix, there's tape as well.

I wonder if the toy packaging people have young children, and have heard of something called "getting things done" time. As in, by the time my daughter is bored with birthday gift #1, all my "getting things done" time has been used up trying to extract toy #2 from its plastic prison and then recycle the packing.

What ever happened to the days when you opened the box and the stuff just fell out?

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April said...

The one I hate are those stiff plastic packages that you have to cut open, and when you do, they're sharp enough to be considered lethal weapons!

JEANNE said...

Ohhhh me too!!! I had a couple of those today (more birthday presents). WHY does the plastic have to be so sharp???!!

Jaina said...

Seriously, those things are SO annoying! And I agree with April...I've gotten a DEEP plastic cut on some of those things.

LadyBanana said...

Like April, I agree those stiff plastic packages are the worst..

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