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Party Preparation

I have a big bag of Cheetos and a big bag of Ruffles on my table, plus a flat of juice boxes, ready to take to A's birthday party. Apparently I've been too busy blogging to hide them.

Lil' J: "Mommy can I have some cheeeezeees?"

Me: "Not today Buddy. You'll have them at Alyssa's party."

Lil J: "Pweeeeeeeze Mommy? Pweeeeeze?"

And on it goes. He wasn't happy with carrots as an alternative ("but they're the same colour - look!"). Hmmm.

(Nice try Mommy ;-)
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Jaina said...

They're even the same shape...just a little bit more firm and less poofy.

JEANNE said...

LOL see??? That's what I thought too!! He wouldn't buy it though...

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