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The Effects On My Children Of Setting The Clocks Back

Never mind them... the effect on me is that bedtime is an hour later!!!!!

OK, I'm a grownup. I can handle it. I think.

It hasn't been too bad - there has been only one crying episode so far today, and at the moment they're both playing nicely. Not bad considering if we hadn't set the clock back, lil' J would be asleep by now.

So far so good, and only ten minutes or so left until I can whisk The Boy away to the bathroom to brush his teeth...


Lady Banana said...

Oh I so much prefer putting the clocks back. When they go forward in Spring I am tired for days due to the loss of the hour!

JEANNE said...

This is true... It's nice to have that extra hour, as opposed to losing and hour.

I know what you mean about being tired for days after the spring time change - it's amazing the difference an hour can make!

Jaina said...

I definitely like this time change better than the springtime one.

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