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Chewing Hair

My daughter has hair down to her waist.

Kind of.

Now she has two mid-cheek length fringes on either side of her face. The layered look? Yup. A hair dresser? Nope. She chewed it that way herself.

That's right, she chewed her hair. Chow down, baby... and pass the ketchup.

It was cute for a couple of days - you know, kids and their weird and endearing habits - until I noticed that some of her hair has been significantly shortened.

Um... hang on.

So today after school when she put another big chunk in her mouth, I couldn't help myself - I threatened her with a real hair dresser appointment (as in, scissors - not teeth).

"If you're going to chew it off, I'm going to take you in and have it ALL cut off!"

I was then the recipient of a narrowed eyes dirty look.

"Well Mommy, I could still chew it!!"

(Um... EXCUSE ME??? You want to take on your MOTHER???)

She's got spunk, I'll give her that. But for all her tough kid comebacks, I haven't seen any hair in her mouth since...


Lady Banana said...

I remember sucking my hair as a kid, it kind of felt nice in my mouth, I can't possibly image why now..

Hope your daughter stops it for good, I wonder was she swallowing it?!

JEANNE said...

LOL I hope she wasn't swallowing it... she'll have a hairball like a cat! Yikes. I never used to put mine in my mouth, but my husband did (apparently his parents didn't get his hair cut very often ;-)

Jaina said...

That's some intense hair chewing! I'm glad she didn't test you.

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