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Mashed... Potatoes? Really?

Alyssa: "Mommy, what's that?"

I'm scooping out pureed cauliflower from my Magic Bullet. "It's cauliflower, honey. It's for my smoothies."

A: "Oh. I wish I could have a taste."

I gave her a bit on the tip of the spatula, which she gingerly took on her tongue.

A: "Mommy did you put some of that in our mashed potatoes?"

Arrrgh... busted!!! Geez, what now. I suppose I could lie....

Me: "Hmmm... I guess I could have done that. Do you want me to next time?"

A: "No thanks!"

Alrighty then (tell me how you really feel ;-)

Will I add more to the next batch of mashed potatoes? Absolutely! She ate them all this time, so we're good to go for next time. (My real triumph in this case is the fact that I put some in hubby's potatoes, and he ate them too!)


Leann I Am said...

I've heard about that! My husband is the most picky in this house and I think I MUST try this trick with my family!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jeanne said...

I'd heard about it too, but it seemed like it would be too hard to do - then I saw the Oprah episode with Jessica Sienfeld. It inspired me too :-)

Now I just have to come up with some menu plans. It's tricky in our house 'cause my husband is really picky and he can detect even the most subtle flavour change...(arrgh!). Oh well, challenge can be fun I guess!!

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