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I'm baaaaack!!!

I was back a week ago, actually. Too busy licking my "they didn't even miss Mommy" wounds to blog, ha ha.

The Boy responded to my return by nearly poking me in the face with his index finger:

"Look at my finnn-go, Mommy! I have owie!!" (No hugs, no "Mommy!! Mommy!!! Yay!!! You're back!!! I love you!! You're the best!!!")


The Girl, meanwhile, sat beside me, endured my hug, and started to cry. I finally pried out of her that the tears were because now that I was back, her grandparents would be returning to their house.

I console myself with the idea that their lack of joy upon my return was because they have been raised in a stable and secure environment, and they have inner peace (Sounds good, doesn't it!!).

We'll just go with that ;-)

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