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What??? Siblings Don't Fight!!!

OK, so.... they're in the playhouse in the back yard. Sun streaming through the windows, snacks on the fold out table, me watching from the window. All is well until... well, they had an issue with whose turn it was to watch the TV.
Now before you start thinking that I'm an overindulging parent who has sprung for a portable TV for the plastic playhouse of my five and three year old, let me just stress that this is a PRETEND TV. As in, it is the shape of a TV, complete with buttons to change pretend channels, molded into one of the inside walls of the playhouse.
And yes, they are seriously fighting over it. Let me reiterate - there's NOTHING on the pretend screen.
"THOMAS!!! I wan THOMAS!!"
"NO, Joseph!!! It's time for Yo Gabba Gabba!!!"
You get the picture. (I just wished I could have changed the channel).
All I can say, is that yet again, they're lucky to be so cute....

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